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School Improvement

School Improvement Planning


School improvement is determined by a number of factors:

  • Robust and effective school self-evaluation
  • Internal stakeholders’ views i.e. governors, staff, pupils and parents/carers
  • External stakeholder’s views i.e. Local Authority and Ofsted
  • The changing needs in a mainstream primary school setting


In order to constantly set a culture of high standards and pupil outcomes, the school must reflect and evaluate. Through a process of evidence-based self-evaluation, Summerlea views itself as a Good school. This is in line with both internal and external Quality Assurance.


We have agreed the following will form the overarching principles of our School Improvement Plan.


In relation to the children

  • an emphasis on developing the whole child
  • ensuring consistently high quality teaching and learning
  • ensuring all pupils make good and better progress
  • continually working at closing the gap


In relation to the school culture and organisation

  • continually striving to build capacity and sustainability
  • building a culture of teamwork and collective accountability
  • ensuring high levels of staff satisfaction and fulfillment
  • strengthening partnerships and cross-school collaboration


The key areas Ofsted identified for further improvement in our most recent inspection will be addressed through these.


The previous cycle of School Improvement Planning (2014-15) focussed on the three core overarching areas of Standards of Achievement, Quality of Teaching and Learning and Curriculum. The same key umbrella priorities will be carried into the next phase of the School Improvement Plan (2015-2018), with the addition of a fourth: Building a Resilient and Resourceful School, Community which encompasses the aims in relation to the school culture and organisation.