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Parent Survey March 2017

Our Parent View results for the academic year 2016-17 currently show that 32% of parents strongly agree and 52% agree that their child receives appropriate homework for their age (based on 85 responses). We would like to see the strongly agree percentage increase next year and are looking to review our Homework policy across all year groups. We would ask that you please complete a short questionnaire on your experience of homework at Summerlea.
Please note: if you have more than one child in the school you may wish to complete a questionnaire per child to allow you to represent differences between experiences.

1. My child is in:*
2. What do you think about the amount of homework your child gets?*
3. How difficult does your child usually find his/her homework?*
4. My child learns a lot from doing his/her homework.*
5. Completing homework helps my child to become independent.*
6. My child knows what he/she needs to do for homework.*
7. I see my child’s homework.*
8. My child usually enjoys doing his/her homework.*
9. Homework is a source of tension at home.*
10. Homework is better when it is linked to the work done at school.*
11. I am satisfied with the feedback from teachers regarding my child’s homework.*
12. How much homework do you think is appropriate per week?*
13. Projects and creative tasks are better than worksheets.*
14. I have to remind my child to do homework.*
15. I leave my child to get on with their homework.*
16. I feel that I don’t have enough knowledge to help my child with his/her homework.*
17. Which of these sources of advice on homework would you welcome? (select as many as apply)*
18. If your child does not complete homework then:*
19. Which of these statements best describes your attitude to your child’s homework?*

Thank you for your time – we really value your feedback!