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Audition Information

Auditions will take place throughout the two weeks before the start of Easter Holidays (week beginning 23rd March and week beginning 30th March)

Whether you audition or not, you are all in the show!  If you choose not to audition, you will still be able to sing and dance in the show, and there will still be plenty of opportunities for smaller parts, group dances, ensemble singing and even potentially some African drumming.  However, if you would like to be considered for a named part in the show, you will need to audition. 

We are sure you have already thought about the character you’d like to be and what part would suit you best.

We will be auditioning both singing and acting for this year’s production.  If you really don't want to sing solo, there are plenty of named characters who do not need to sing on their own.  Have a look at the character breakdown to figure out who would suit you best!

Singing Auditions

For your singing audition, please choose one of the songs from the list below – this is where you can showcase your vocal ability and range (how high and low your voice can go).

  1. The Circle of Life (mid-range)
  2. I Just Can’t Wait to be King (mid-high range)
  3. Hakuna Matata (highest vocal range)
  4. Shadowland (widest vocal range)

Acting Auditions

For the acting part of your audition, you will need to identify the character you’d ideally like to play. We would like you to choose one of the following passages from the show to perform as a ‘read through’ (scenes attached below). You may wish to team up with another person auditioning and perform one of the extracts together. If you would like to audition on your own, one of the teachers will read the other parts for you.

1) Zazu, Young Nala and Young Simba

2) Timon and Pumbaa

3) Simba and Rafiki

4) Scar, Banzai, Shenzi and Ed

5) Scar and Young Simba

6) Scar and Sarabi

7) Nala and Simba

8) Mufasa and Young Simba

TOP TIP: spend time thinking about how you can you bring your character to life?

We would love it if there were lots of you auditioning for parts this year. You never know, there may be a hidden singing or acting talent that we are yet to see!