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In this section of the website you can find out more about Summerlea School’s Governors and the work that we do.

Our main aim is to provide a school in which every pupil can flourish and learn to the maximum of their ability. We do that by acting as support for the Headteacher and the staff in a capacity that is often described as a “critical friend”. We help them do this be setting and agreeing targets each year and reflecting these in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) informed by the Self-Evaluation Form (SEF). The SEF sets out how well the school is doing and where we aim to make improvemens and the the SIP then sets out the strategic plan for the school, with targets that everyone works towards. 

We also work to support the school by adopting and regularly reviewing school policies. In doing so, we are also monitoring and ensuring that the requirements of the National Curriculum are met to increase the creative and intellectual development of each child, with emphasis being placed on the understanding of morals and behaviour. For these objectives to be reached, it is important that we enhance the morale and professional development of all staff and, within budgetary constraints and statutory obligations, provide a stimulating and safe environment for everyone to enjoy. We also look to the Local Authority to provide additional support, when the need arises.

Summerlea School does not work in isolation and actively encourages parental and community involvement, thus welcoming any discussion or communication to improve the well-being of the school. We do this by attending at consultation evenings, open days, school performances, fundraising events and having an email address for parents to use to contact us

Our legal duties include:-

  • setting strategic direction, policies and objectives

  • approving the school budget

  • reviewing progress against the school's budget and objectives

  • appointing, challenging and supporting the Headteacher

We have recently changed the way we operate as a Full Governing Body, choosing to move towards the 'Circle Model' which means that we govern without formal Committees.  As a result, we are now conducting monthly Full Governing Body meetings choosing to focus each meeting on a different aspect of our work rather than delegating them to Committees.  We chose to do this so we can work more efficiently and effectively as a team.  For instance, we are focusing on reviewing data later in the Autumn term, finance early in the Spring Term and other key matters such as teaching and learning, the curriculum and behaviour throughout the year.  We now have Lead Governors responsible for particular subject areas, such as Finance, Teaching & Learning, Inclusion, Premises, Community Engagement and more.  The Lead Governors will support the school and work with small groups of Governors to monitor their subject area and then report back to the Full Governing Body.  In addition, we sometimes set up small working groups or panels to look at particular issues (such as pay, performance management, strategy, exclusions and complaints).  Our Chair and Vice Chair also meet regularly with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team on a more informal basis.

Governor Types and Qualifications

There are several categories of Governor, appointed by different groups that have an interest in the school. These are Co-opted Governors (recruited for particular skills and expertise), the Local Authority (LA) Governor, Parents and Staff Governors. All Governors have equal status however they are appointed.

The general demands facing the members of the Governing Body will be met by their knowledge and experience of everyday life. There also exists the need for specialist knowledge such as that gained in a profession such as teaching, law, accountancy, business management, etc. The Governing Body encourages the recruitment to the board of members with those skills, and of those who have passion, commitment, energy and a desire to make a difference.

School governorship, although a very responsible voluntary position, is an unpaid (but potentially highly rewarding) role, requiring a commitment to engage in the activities of the school and giving up some of their free time as a result.

If you wish to know more, or are interested in becoming a Governor, please contact us care of the School Office or email us at

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