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At Summerlea, homework will often be referred to as 'Home Learning' and relates to any task or activity which children are asked to do outside of the normal school day, either on their own or with the support of their parents or carers. Home learning activities will be devised and set by teachers with an aim to contribute positively towards a child's overall learning and skills development and towards their enjoyment of engaging in the learning process.

Home learning encompasses a whole variety of activities instigated by teachers, parents and carers. One simple example of Home Learning is when parents/carers spend time reading to their children before bedtime.

Homework is not currently statutory, although it is recommended and recognised by the Department for Education (DfE) as playing an extremely important part in ensuring children's success in school as a result of engaging parents in their child's education.

Through the setting of homework we aim to:

  • provide opportunities for parents, carers, pupils and the school to work in an effective partnership
  • encourage parents, carers and pupils to work together to enjoy learning experiences and to extend school learning
  • consolidate and reinforce key skills and understanding, particularly in English and mathematics 
  • recognise the importance of sharing the wealth of learning experiences that already take place at home and in the wider community
  • celebrate a feeling of pride and achievement and recognise that success often comes about as a result of effort and working collaboratively with others
  • meet children's individual needs and cater for their interests by providing choice and therefore a sense of ownership over their learning

To achieve these aims we will endeavour to:

  • ensure that there is a consistent approach to homework throughout the school
  • plan tasks that reinforce and enhance classroom learning and take account of the needs of the individual pupil
  • reflect, in the planning of tasks, the need for homework to develop in its purpose and nature as children become older
  • provide age-appropriate feedback to pupils after completion of tasks
  • ensure that parents and carers are made aware of homework expectations so that they can support the children's learning
  • regularly review and evaluate the process and update the policy as necessary

To download a copy of our current school Homework policy please follow this link.

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