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Summerlea CP School Growing thoughtful learners and independent thinkers


At Summerlea School, children can use their voice taking Science learning and understanding forward thus providing teachers insight of what they have learnt and what they have changed and future learning can be adapted if necessary. There is a focus on scientific vocabulary and children are encouraged to use this when writing and talking about their learning experience, thus giving children a deeper understanding of science and this exposure has seen children use scientific vocabulary in other subjects when appropriate.

Subject Leaders have completed and submitted a portfolio for the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) and have applied for the Gilt award. This portfolio displayed all of the hard work that has been completed at the school in the teaching of science including pupil teacher, and parent voice. This portfolio highlighted the positive impact of science teaching at Summerlea whilst providing analysis and reflection of areas that can be strengthened and improved in the future.

Whole-school, parental engagement and collaboration with locality schools, though already in place, will be improved through the use of science-specific home learning tasks and community activities continuing to increase the science capital that has been established. Children are enthused by science and feel confident in their scientific knowledge and enquiry skills, applications for science club were over-subscribed due to the demand in children wanting to attend. From lesson observations teaching actively encourages children to be curious and look for science in the real world and be aware that science is everywhere.