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Summerlea CP School Growing thoughtful learners and independent thinkers


We use the West Sussex Agreed Syllabus 2020-25 as the basis for our RE curriculum.

Throughout the school children will study aspects of:


In the Early Years Foundation Stage, the learning outcomes are referenced to Christianity, and as appropriate, to a range of other beliefs and cultures.

In KS1- Christianity is studied, with an introduction to Judaism and Islam.

In KS2- Children will study a range of world religions, with a focus on Christianity.

Our curriculum is built upon prior learning and skills. It is progressed year upon year and includes elements of philosophy to encourage inquisitive learning.

We complete work both in a written format, as well as giving children the opportunity to partake in discussion, art, drama and music. RE floor books are used to celebrate the work that children take part in, capturing pupil voice, collaborative work, thoughts and beliefs. 

Children are given the opportunity to engage in experiences and activities to broaden the depth of their religious and cultural knowledge. At Summerlea, children participate in daily collective worship in the form of whole school, key stage and singing assemblies, giving all pupils opportunities for personal reflection, celebration and spiritual development.

All religions and their communities are treated with respect and sensitivity and we value the links, which are and can be made between home, school and a faith community.