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Summerlea CP School Growing thoughtful learners and independent thinkers


We use the PSHE Association’s planning materials as the basis of our RSHCE curriculum.  These are designed to be taught in thematic units, which consist of three termly blocks: Relationships, Living in the Wider World and Health and Wellbeing.   Each block is then broken into three topics which build upon previous learning and introduces new learning that is appropriate for the age and stage of the children. Our RSHCE programme meets the statutory requirements as well as our school’s ethos of providing all children with a broad and balanced curriculum that reaches beyond statutory content.  It allows teachers the freedom to design and implement lessons based on the needs of their children while meeting the requirements of our curriculum.  Lessons are taught by class teachers so that discussions about sensitive topics can be facilitated in a safe and secure environment.  However, where appropriate, we will invite external providers, such as the NSPCC, into school to deepen the children’s learning experience. In conjunction with the above, we believe it is essential for parents and carers to be fully informed in advance of the topics that are being covered in their child’s class so that they are prepared to continue the learning at home.

Our curriculum is clearly mapped out in our Progression of Skills document and links are made to other areas of learning where appropriate.  Progress is monitored through the use of concept maps at the beginning and the end of a topic.  Formal monitoring of children’s progress by the subject leader is conducted once a year and triangulates recorded evidence with lesson observations and pupil interviews.