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Summerlea CP School Growing thoughtful learners and independent thinkers


Music and performing arts ignite the spark of true learning – they tap into something deeper, something that no intervention or booster session can bring out of a pupil. The power of music improves maths, English, behaviour and attitudes to learning. At Summerlea School we harness this force of human nature to bring happiness and success to young hearts and minds.

Our vision and ambition are that teachers across the school are supported to use music to transform the lives of children and lay the foundation of a happy, fulfilling and successful life. A life that transcends the mundane and connects with the sublime.

Children will learn to play a range of instruments, as well as building their confidence whilst performing in front of peers and wider audiences. They will appreciate a wide variety of music from different eras, cultures and genres. They will listen with skill and emotion, unravelling music both personally and as a musician. They will see the beauty, complexity, skill and power that music delivers and they themselves will be able to develop their own skills and understanding to be able to deliver their own music to others.