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Summerlea CP School Growing thoughtful learners and independent thinkers


At Summerlea, in mathematics we want all children to consider themselves as a mathematician. We aim to for every child to develop competency, and in turn confidence in maths. At Summerlea, we aim to provide a curriculum that challenges and caters for the needs of all our children, in which all children develop a secure understanding and enjoy using the skills and knowledge they have learned to solve increasingly challenging mathematical problems. Developing an early love of mathematics is key; our curriculum aims to allow children to develop the fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills that they will need throughout their education and lives. At Summerlea, we aim to do this by carefully building on children’s prior learning in small steps; allowing children to master each step in a range of contexts before moving on. We want to develop children’s resilience and ability to make links with their learning, applying this to solve a range of real- life problems independently.  From EYFS to Year 6, children use many different concrete and pictorial representations to support and deepen their mathematical understanding before moving in to abstract forms.