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19th January 2022

We were overwhelmed with how many families took part in the ‘Scientists Around the Town’ competition, 72 families in total from Summerlea! We hope you enjoyed finding the Scientists and learning about them too! Congratulations to the 12 prize winners from our school. The word created from the letter clues the robins were holding was ‘MICROSCOPE’. Keep your eye out for future Scientist competitions!


We have been busy working towards getting a Science Award for our school, we pride ourselves in our science teaching and learning at Summerlea so we thought we’d get recognition for it! Whilst doing the Science Award we wanted to create a Vision and Principles for Science in our school. This is something the children and staff have created together. The Vision and Principles are displayed in each classroom with the science display. We wanted to share the Vision and Principles with you on our School website so you can see how the children are learning in science at Summerlea.

Our Vision

At Summerlea we ignite pupils’ curiosity and encourage them to explore and discover the world around them through investigating, questioning and exciting learning experiences. Children will be taught how to think like a scientist - to observe, to hypothesise, to predict and conclude. They will make links and connections between their learning so their knowledge is secure.

Our Principles

*Children will lead their learning.                                              

*Children will question their own understanding

*Children will understand and use scientific vocabulary

*Children will use their learning and enquiry skills in the future

*Children will be encouraged to get answers from trial and error


Science Club 23rd November 2021

We were really excited to have Mrs Faughty and Mrs Morgan from, The Littlehampton Academy lead our science Club this week. They brought along and taught us a physics investigation about density, a chemistry investigation to make ice cream and also a biology investigation creating a grass caterpillar.

They created density rainbows with coloured water and salt. They learnt that plain water is less dense than a water solution. The colour pattern they created in their test tubes helped them to evaluate which colour solution was the most and least dense by the order of their rainbow.

The children experienced chemical reactions by turning cream into ice cream. They had to follow instructions to make this yummy creation by using ice and strength to shake up the mixture until the chemical reaction arose.

The children will have to wait patiently for their grass caterpillars to grow. They used tights, string, soil and grass seeds and decorated their own characters. The children know they will need to water these and place them in sunlight.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and having the science teachers from The Littlehampton Academy sharing their scientific knowledge and sharing information about the three areas of science; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

We are looking forward to visiting the Science Labs at The Littlehampton Academy in a couple of weeks.



Below you can view our progression and vocabulary documents for science. 

Please click on the signpost to learn more about our Intent, Implementation and Impact for Science.