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Summerlea CP School Growing thoughtful learners and independent thinkers

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Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs. Helen Morris


  • Mrs. Karla Strong

    Assistant Headteacher Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare; Year 2 Class Teacher

  • Mr. Simon Trahern

    Assistant Headteacher Inclusion and Data; Year 4 Class Teacher

  • Miss. Katie Turner

    Senior Leader Curriculum, Teaching and Learning; Year 3 Class Teacher

  • Mrs. Jo Maxted

    School Business Manager

Leadership Team

  • Mrs. Kerry Howard

    Upper Key Stage 2 Leader; Year 6 Class Teacher

  • Miss. Louise Sacco

    Key Stage 1 Phase Leader; Year 2 Class Teacher

  • Miss. Hayley Rhoades

    EYFS Phase Leader; Year R Class Teacher

  • Miss. Emma Gunn

    Year 3 & 4 Phase Leader; Year 3 Class Teacher

Class Teachers

  • Miss. Gemma Camble

    Year 1 Class Teacher

  • Miss. Coral Chaplin

    Year 5 Class Teacher

  • Mr. Rob Fauvel

    Year 6 Class Teacher

  • Ms. Elaine Gerring

    Year 3 Class Teacher

  • Mrs. Anna Ronchetti

    Year 3 Class Teacher

  • Mrs. Claire Hawkins

    Year 2 Class Teacher

  • Mrs. Kayleigh McConnochie

    Year R Class Teacher

  • Mrs. Lindsey Robins

    Year R Class Teacher

  • Mr. James Cox

    Year 5 Class Teacher

  • Mrs. Danielle Levantine

    Year 4 Class Teacher

  • Mrs. Kerrison

    Year 3 Class Teacher

  • Ms. Kim Mirceta

    Dance and Gym Specialist

  • Miss. Emma Lentz

    Year 4 Class Teacher

  • Miss Mary Walker

    Year 2 Class Teacher