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Cowbell Assembly

Cowbell Assembly

Parents and carers with children new to the school may not yet have heard about Cowbell Assembly.

Cowbell Assembly takes place close to the end of each term. The whole school comes together in the hall to watch and celebrate a whole range of special interests and talents that, without the opportunity to showcase these, we might never know existed!  

Children wishing to take part in Cowbell Assembly complete a slip with some information about their act. This can be anything at all and might be singing, dancing, gymnastics, cake decorating, performance poetry, magic tricks, comedy, drama…the list is endless and almost anything goes! Children can take part individually, in pairs or as part of a group.

Acts from each year group are then chosen to participate and are notified before the day of Cowbell so that they can prepare and wear a special ‘costume’ if they wish to do so to help them look the part.

It is always a very popular event (with children and staff alike!) and everyone is incredibly supportive of each other as they take to the stage - sometimes for the very first time. After each act a Cowbell sounds in celebration and is also used to indicate when each act is ready to begin. Ask you child about the power of the bell!