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Eco Tips

Eco Tips

1. Trees are our best defence against  climate change. 

Change your search engine to Ecosia; it’s free to download and you use it the same way you use Google, except they use their profit from all the searches to plant trees. So, every 45 searches you do they plant a tree! It is super simple to download in the App Store and such an easy free way to help the environment. 

2. Swap to a renewable energy supplier.

Renewable energy is better for the environment compared to fossil fuels, fossil fuel energy from coal, natural gas, oil and power plants as they release carbon emissions that worsen global warming and air quality. If you use renewable energy it comes from things like wind turbines and hydroelectricity. There are many great renewable energy suppliers now, so do your research and see how good it will be for the planet if we all change to renewable energy.

Thanks to Ellen and Annie W for these top tips – keep them coming!