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Excellent Eco Tips!

Excellent Eco Tips!

Fast fashion has become more prevalent with people buying more and more new clothes and only wearing for a short time, due to the fashion changing so frequently, means we are all buying more than we need and a lot of it ends up in landfill! 1 rubbish truck per second of clothes go to landfill!

Textile production is one of the most polluting industries producing 1.7 billion tonnes of Co2 per year which is more emissions than international flights and maritime shipping! It has been stated that approximately 5% of total global emissions are from the fashion industry.

What can you do?

Repair and reuse what you already have, swap clothes with friends/family, buy second hand from eBay, market place, depop and charity shops, swap events, car boot sales, and if you buy new clothes look for good quality organic cotton or other natural materials that will last longer and are sustainable and ethically sourced.

The emissions from polyester and synthetic materials have higher emissions as they are produced from fossil fuels such as crude oil. Estimate 1 single polyester t shirt has emissions of 5:5kg Co2 compared with 2.1kg for 1 made from cotton.

Thank you to Ellen Webb for these great tips