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Kit Car Sponsorship Needed!

Kit Car sponsorship needed!

Summerlea has held a Kit Car club and successfully competed in the Kit Car events at Banjo Road and Goodwood for many years now.


Our current cars are between 10 and 15 years old and we are struggling to adapt the spares so that they pass the scrutineering. The newer cars are a completely different specification. In addition, our ‘outfits’ (boiler suits) are faded and many do not fit our current children.


We have never charged for the club and have always been able to ‘make do and mend.’ Being part of the Kit Car team is a fantastic opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork and engineering skills and this year the club has been opened up to Year 5 children, who are going to be working on Kit Car as part of the curriculum.


We are looking for sponsorship to help us get our cars and team ready to race and would be willing to advertise any sponsors on the cars themselves. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in sponsoring a Kit Car please get in touch with Mrs Strong via the school office. Thank you for your support.